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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Looking Back Trivia

OK, who has their thinking caps on or their lucky underwear? Anyone? Grab another drink (whatever your choice of beverage may be). Here are 12 questions that stumped just about everyone except one of my sisters, the Princess of Sweden, and the Princess' Consort (Clearly HE pays attention...can we clone him to create more men who pay attention?). Sweden won a 3-way tie for a Marshall's gift certificate.

I should give an online prize....hmmm.....what could I do.

Well, I could design some bling for you or consult on a new design or colors for your blog. Or I could guest blog...maybe if I promise to be really funny. Or I could write you a poem based on your life. Or bake you dog-hair cookies.

Well, let's see if anyone even takes the bloody test shall we? If you were at the party, you cannot participate online. If you don't have a blog and you win, we'll sort it out.

Each answer (and sub-answer within each question) is worth 1 point. For example, there is more than one answer in the 1st question; Each answer is worth 1 point. Bonus answers=1 point.

I am holding off on posting the answers in the comment section, because silly me, that's where you need to paste your answers. I'm bright like that.

I hope it is worth a laugh.

1. International guys tend to like me. Select the countries I've dated men from....

Costa Rica
Saudi Arabia
South Africa

Bonus: I currently have a crush on a guy from what country?

2. They say time mellows us all. I have done a few things I said I would "never" do. Are these any of them?

Date a Republican.
Root for the Yankees.
Drive into NYC.
Swim in the Hudson River.
Stand outside Bruce Springsteen's house.

3. In which city and year did I get married? October 2....

1990 Istanbul
1989 Izmir
1991 Ankara
1992 Ku┼časadi

Bonus: We broke a civil law getting married. What was it?

4. What is one of my favorite expressions?

It is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.
If it is meant to be, it will be.
If I don't laugh, I'll cry.
If only my dog could wear a suit, I'd have a date on Saturday night.
If you love something, let it go.

5. In New Jersey, I live:

In a condo on the Jersey shore.
As close to Bruce Springsteen's house as possible.
In a house on a lake.
In a carriage house on a beautiful estate.

Bonus: Rent or own?

6. I have:

two dogs and one cat
five cats and one dog
three dogs and three cats
one dog and one cat

Bonus: One of the animals is named after a character from a TV/movie series. Name the TV/movie series.

7. I have how many tattoos?


Bonus: True or False: I want to get one (or one more).

8. Which comedian makes me laugh the most these days?

Kathy Griffin
David Letterman
Jon Stewart
Craig Ferguson
Conan O'Brien

Bonus: I was in the live audience for a taping of what show in NYC?

9. When I was in 2nd grade class, what scandalous act did I commit?

Kissed a girl.
Punched a boy.
Took my shirt off.
Swore at the teacher.

Bonus: True or False: My reasoning at the time was that my mother told me to do it.

10. If I didn't have doggies depending upon me, I would:

Travel the world as a poet.
Live on a horse farm in Kentucky.
Move to Canada to study wolves.
Work on a cruise ship.

Bonus: Yes or No: I will publish my writing some day.


Jersey Girl said...

Just guessing here:

1. Bermuda, England, Germany, Costa Rica, Iran, India, Egypt, Turkey - Bonus Answer - Italy
2. Yes
3. 1990 Istanbul
4 If I don't laugh, I'll cry.
5. In a house on a lake. Bonus - rent.
6. one dog, one cat.
7. One. Bonus - True.
8. Craig Ferguson
9. Punched a boy. True.
10. Move to Canada to study wolves. True

Graciela said...

I'm horrible at quizzes...I always fail.

I'm gonna skip anything I have to guess on, so the only ones I know for sure are:

1. Bonus question only: Italy
2. Dated a Republican
4. If only my dog...
5. In a house on a lake; Bonus: Rent
6. Two dogs and one cat
10. Study wolves (or travel as a poet) I'm guessing on this one.

Well, that was fun... and I did laugh a little!

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it.

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