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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Looking Back Photos

Just a side note...yes, a side note at the start....didn't any of my cat following friends enjoy the LOLZ Cats performing the Twilight movies? I know people are busy, but just don't forget to laugh people.

I've had some requests from people who couldn't attend the party if I could share both the card photos and the trivia questions. OK. I can do that. Happy to do that.

These are photos that were pulled to make a lovely giant card that people signed at my birthday party. My intention is to frame it and hang it so when memory really starts to go, I can try to remember who everyone is. I'm already forgetting to-do list things. Not a good sign people.

Apologies to friends and family, because I did not ask your permission to have your faces on here. You can sue me, but wait until I've sold a few books first. Otherwise, all you'll be getting are 2 dogs and a cat and a really dog-broke RAV4.

You want a little commentary on the photos? OK, here we go...in random order.

I don't know the timeframe, before age 12 definitely. My first dog, Ruff (full name I think was Ruff MacGregor Gray for some reason; I didn't name him though it sounds like a name I would have come up with). He was a West Highland Terrier and incredibly stubborn. That's what I remember most. He essentially died of a heart attack, and I know my mother carries guilt because she overfed him. Ha, just like she overfed me. I also know that my mother's response here would be "I did the best I could." You did, I know.

By the way, that chair was the ugliest couch in the 1970s world I grew up in.

At Cape Cod, me and the ever beautiful and beach-loving Sena during the Living with the Scottish DJ period. It would be during these 4 years that I would meet the Princess of Sweden, gain 100 lbs, and 9/11 would take place.

Summer 1987. Just graduated HS, 2 friends and I on our first "international" trip, a cruise out of Boston to Bermuda. Unbelievably fun.

1987 HS Graduation. Amazing what we thought we knew then.

I am guessing this is 1984/85. Yes, my interest in Mr Springsteen went back further than that.

Skiing. One of the lost past-times that I used to live for. This is Vermont, Killington maybe, definitely some time in the early 80s I guess (before I fell victim to the perms). Gave up skiing when I married someone who tried to ski once but just could not stand the cold. Hard to rationalize the expense when your husband can't get a job and you don't want to hit the slopes alone. I would love to get back into this sport. I am pretty sure that even if they allowed my weight on skis, and I signed a waiver to absolve all others responsibility if I take anyone out with me if I fell down, that I would be incapable of moving the next day. I might try it, we'll see.

My Mom and me, wasn't she smoking hot in that dress? She looked like ribbon candy! Of course, the look on my face pretty much reads: "Where's the cake already?"

You can right-click on these to see the larger image. On the left is the only time I've ever worn a bikini. People tell me I still have that facial expression though. That's awesome. On the right, me in Dundee Scotland, posing with a magnificent creature who would be moved around the city and appear like a mythical beast...oh wait, he was. And I'm not talking about the DJ who took the photo. Looking at these two images side by side, I can say that I definitely enjoy striking a pose. Go figure.

Oh yes, Senior Prom. 1987. I rocked that dress. If only I realized how much back then. My date? A Navy guy who refused to wear his dress whites. Oh yeah, also my 1st...yup. File under What Was I Thinking? As a teenager, clearly, I wasn't.

Left to right: Married life; he let me hang that poster up. My siblings holding me. Attempting to ice skate in the Boston Gardens with my spouse who hated the cold. My tomboy look circa age 14, with my horse, yet another lost enjoyment of mine. If only I'd never discovered boys.

Definitely mid-70s. My cousin and I looking quite adorable for another cousin's wedding. Someone taught that boy well; he at least looks like he knows what he's doing. I of course, have a stain on my dress.

Holy hell peeps, this is one long post. I'm going to break the trivia questions into another post, so come on back.


Flea said...

I love the photos. Your mom really DOES look like ribbon candy. And Ruff is a BEAUTIFUL dog. Wow.

Yes, you rocked the prom dress. :)

S. said...

Well first off, I love the New Moon cat link and passed it on to several friends.

Second, great photos!! I can never get enough of the perms. :-)

Sarah said...

Wonderful photos! I love it!

MissMelisaMae said...

Love the photo flashbacks! XOXO

you're like butter to me

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