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Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Sin of Fun!

morning weight: 275 lbs

DISCLAIMER: If you are devoutly religious, this post may offend you. And you have the right to be offended. And I reserve the right to be offensive; it's my blog!

Two pound loss over a 24-hour period. This is what drinking water can do for me. Of course, some of it is water to begin with, but I drank an ocean yesterday. And T.o.M. is on like a stuck piglet so I am so exhausted I feel like a vampire that hasn't fed in a long long time.

Many of you have asked about my Mom. Thank you. She's back on her own with daily visits from my sister. She's packing for the move to her brand spanking new, non-stairs apartment and worrying about all that goes along with it. The movers cost $120/hour. We're all going to have to help her out on a monthly basis now. It's going to be tough. She has an appointment with a vascular specialist to see about that clot in her aorta. And she's decided that all the fun we had at the casino was (wait for it) a sin.

Yes. I'm working on letting it go, but it settles at the base of my neck. All the fun, all the effort, all the money we won and spent was a sin. Well....isn't that special churchlady. Oh how I wish I had kept my winnings!!

I am quite sure that if she had won a giant jackpot, she would have praised the lord for the blessing. Yes, my mother is a crackpot. A hypocrite. A martyr. And a religious zealot. It's amazing that homeland security hasn't brought her in for questioning. Oh wait, we don't do that for Christians, do we.


Anonymous said...

being devoutly UNreligious, I can say your post was a hoot.

Soxy Deb said...

Bwahaahaahaa! Nope, but maybe we should.

Good for you and the 2 pounds!!
You get back onto your gym regimen since you've come home? If not, you need to kick it in girlie.

I hope you were able to give CG a little something to kick start her. I don't want her to give up. If I can do this, I know she can.
Don't let mom stress ya too much. You all had fun while you were there and that matters. Keep that memory.

PS - I know it's not weigh in day, but this morning I was down to 173.5 - which is a total of 9. I really needed to share that cause I am over the moon. You have done so much for me just by being my support system. I really DO NOT think I could be doing this without you.

MizFit said...

you know I so laughed at this post. and had forgotten my church lady love.

Im off to dance like the C'Lady now :)

georgie said...

YAY on the loss! I LOVE the Church lady LOL

you're like butter to me

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