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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pre-Birthday Blues

morning weight: 278 lbs

THE Day before. Ugh. My entire staff at work is sick. I am feeling a sore throat. No no no, not the day before my birthday. I am the quintessential party animal. I want to rock and roll all night and day. Oh wait, I'm turning that crooked year of 39? Oh. Nevermind then. Bring me the rocking chair.

I've gone back to The Daily Plate to reorganize my food intake. Holy crap, I learned I'd stopped taking in enough protein, total calories, and too much salt. And of course, not enough water. If you're needing to adjust yourself or just see what's what with some of your favorite foods, try that site out. You don't have to sign up for a profile to learn what one or two days intake sorts out to. I know some people use it as a check to see if they can eat what they want before they do it, such as "Can I really have that McSalad?" Well, their salads are actually worse than their mcnuggets!

Anyway, that's all I got folks. Check back here tomorrow.


Soxy Deb said...

Well we know I would rather have the McNuggets (LOL) so that's good to know. Kidding kidding.

I hate that your feeling badly and I hate that you were looking for me last night and I was not there. I am going back to work in Jan. and I am trying to wean myself off the internet. Lol, yes it's that bad. I will try to be on for a little tonight. But if you want my phone number I will gladly give it to you. Let me know.

Lila said...

I hope that you get a lot of sleep tonight and wake up feeling great for your party. If not, there's always tylenol severe cold (and get it from behind the pharmacist counter so you can get the real stuff!)

Jen said...

I hope you get better soon - and thanks for the site, I'm going to check it out now!

Carolina Girl said...

How about the Double McCheeseburger? That's what I'll take....hee hee.

You do realize that 39 is the new 29 right??? :)

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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