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Friday, December 12, 2008

Give a Little Love

**Donation Updates in red below.**

Yes, today is my 39th birthday. Yes I am a Sagittarian, which means at times I am selfishly focused on myself. (OK, so that's 90% of the time!) Today, I am shining the spotlight elsewhere. In lieu of showering me with well wishes, please, my dear friends take a moment to read.

Exactly on my birthday 2 years ago, I was told my precious Sena (the black dog always watching on the right side of this blog) had "pre-cancer cells" in her urine. The vet may as well have been talking another language to me. I had no idea what that meant. I just hung on the word cancer. The illnesses of our pets often come on without warning. I will never get over the empty sick feeling that clutched at my soul that day. Because we always know that some day, of course, some day...but we are never prepared for THAT day.

Everywhere around this country, people are facing all sorts of fear and sorrow involving their beloved fur-family members. Among them are my sweet friend Mel and her precious Mica.

Mel lost Mica just SIX DAYS after being diagnosed with IMHA (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia).

Briefly, IMHA is a condition in which the patient's immune system begins attacking his or her own red blood cells. IMHA occurs in humans as well as animals. Two key elements to battling this condition while trying to find a cure are blood transfusions and immune suppression. Just like humans, animals rely on blood transfusions. Donors are needed constantly. Please consider learning how your dog or cat might be a superhero by donating blood.

Rather than be bogged down by sorrow of having lost her best friend so suddenly, Mel founded a research foundation so that Mica's never-give-up spirit lives on as a dedication to raising awareness and funding studies for the prevention of and a cure for IMHA.

I am a proud supporter of Mica's fund, and if you are considering donating to a charity this year, this is one I can personally vouch is 100% genuine and the funds go directly into the foundation, not into any overhead or anyone's pocket. NO amount is too small, from $1 to $10, to $100.

To learn more about Mica and her foundation, click on Mica's growing group of supporters and friends struggling with IMHA:
Dogster.com: welcome new mates with charitable hearts

To donate, make your check payable to:
Mica's IMHA Research Fund

95 SW Taylor Street
Portland, OR 97205-3305
Attn: Jan D.

And if you know me at all, you know I love to help. And I love when my help is really worthwhile. So, guess what?

On December 12 2008, this post raised $260.
Between December 12-31, this post raised an additional $130 by adding $5 to every donation Mel received.

Thank you to all who donated:
1. John N
2. kym C
3. Deesa B
4. Teresa H
5. Lizzie H
6. Priscilla S
7. Mike L
8. Bess F
9. Linda J
10. Margaret H
11. Special Dawn
12. Sally R
13. Liz K
14. Steve G
15. Valerie M
16. Mckenna L
17. Ron C
18. Betty H
19. Gail R
20. Pam J
21. Randee M
22. Joanne G
23. Robin K
24. Gerri M
25. Sheba M
26. Wanda S

Future Matching Fund Months:


Stay tuned!

If you can't donate much, please don't let that stop you. Just a month ago, Mel's neighborhood children pooled their money one day and came up with $15.00. The selfless love of children and animals is largely what the holidays are all about in my opinion. Some day your pet may need a blood transfusion, and there will be some angel animal who donated blood so that yours can have a fighting chance.

Let's work toward the day that none of our pets ever have to fight IMHA.


Jen said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
And thanks for letting us know about this charity!

Soxy Deb said...

Hope you have a good night out!!


Carolina Girl said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! I'm sorry I've been a slack commenter lately. I've just been so bogged down and my food coma is just out of control with all the holiday parties (mostly work stuff)

Furry babies make the world a better place...

Hope you are doing ok and your mom is as well!

Anonymous said...

Happy B-DAY!!!!

Anonymous said...

We wish you a glorious birthday sweet Donna.. our Angels are smiling upon you today, so enjoy the magic and have a wonderful and memorable day.

We're hoping that some earth Angels will take you up on the challenge. If not my sweet, would it count coming from our miracle Mirra?

Some one wrote furry babies make the world a better place. We could not agree more.

With every blessing kind friend,

Mel, Mirra & Angel Mica-the wonderpup

Angel Kiska said...

Happy Birthday! Wishing you a fun filled day. Bless you for writing about Mica's team on your blog! We are proud to support her.

Best Wishes!
Angel Kissa & Teresa

Ramona said...

Thank you for writing about AIHA and Mica's Team. We became part of the team to help support this cause after losing our sweet Miracle to AIHA. We added a diary entry about your blog today.
Happy belated birthday.
Ramona (Miracle's mom)

graywolf said...

Thank you for posting about the IMHA fund- Mel works so hard to get people to notice. It's posted over and over about even a dollar helping but I guess they don't get it.. I know things are tight for most people right now- but if $1.00 was sent for every fur baby- it would be wonderful.
Sorry I missed your birthday :((((((

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