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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ready, Set...Exercise!

Pounds lost: 8 lbs
Pounds to go: 43 lbs

Another pound down!

Well, I want to focus on the positive but I do want to write out some disappointment I experienced. The orientation I had with the trainer. He was so pompous (When does confidence become obnoxious and pompous by the way? Discuss amongst yourselves.) and he was rather discouraging of my goal.

10 weeks is too short of a time to lose 44 pounds.

You know what, that may be true in textbook. However, there are always exceptions. So why did he have to be so negative? And someone should always be aiming higher than what they could normally achieve. Because that's how you give your best, isn't it? So I have to admit, I came home from that orientation feeling so low, so drained of any strength. I could have stayed there and worked out right then, it was so empty there. But I came home and slept for 4 hours.

When I woke up, I felt better. I understand the concept that if you lose weight too quickly, you're just losing muscle and your body will gain it back, and it isn't healthy for you. I do understand that. But when you've been STUCK in a rut for SO long, you NEED to see RESULTS. It is what I would call CRISIS WEIGHT LOSS situation. So, I'm doing what I need to do, and no one can tell me what feels right for me because they aren't me.

So, now that that's been said, let me put up some interesting stats. In June I weighed 297 lbs. Here we are in February, and I weigh 33 lbs less. That's amazing for me. And I hadn't taken my measurements in a while so I thought I would do that.

bicep - 16 inches (1 inch loss)
neck - 15 inches (1/2 inch loss)
bust - 48 inches (4 inch loss)
waist - 45 inches (6 inch loss)
hips - 57 inches (3 inch loss)
thigh - 29 inches (1 inch loss)

15.5 inches lost since June. That is amazing! These stats are motivation. The most loss is coming right in the problem areas so this is good news. The hips and the stomach are where I carry it all. The chest is simply an unfortunate casualty. I'd rather be thin than have a lot of breasts anyway.

So my first workout at the gym went really well. No one bothered me. There were 2 other people there when I started and I was alone by the end. I wanted to have music to walk to, but none of the channels were music-based. There were pumping in my favorite Jersey radio station (WDHA) but the commercials break the pace, it sucks. So I watched the Charlie's Angels movie on TV (the one with Demi Moore in it) and there was actually a lot of music in the scenes so that worked well.

I was on the lifestyle brand treadmill, in case any of you are familiar with them. I did 3 miles starting out at 2.5 speed with a 1.0 incline and increasing to 2.8 speed with a 2.0 incline. It took me an hour. The machine said I burned 450 calories and my heart rate was 135, then down to 113. 100 is my bottom range but I am glad to even hit above that at all.

I can finally see why having mp3s on my phone would come in handy. Well my Razor is dying a slow death, so I will have to get a new phone soon. Come on tax refund, get here.

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