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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Too Much Pressure

I didn't weigh today. Taking the pressure off myself a bit. I am also suspicious that my scale is losing its ability to cough up a valid number. That number seemed mighty low. We'll see. I went to the gym last night, ugh, Monday nights are busy. That is going to take some adjusting. Maybe I'm going to have to be one of those 10-11 pm people. I guess I won't know until I try to see if it will affect me adversely.

I know for a fact that I cannot do that 7:30-8:30 slot if it is going to be that crowded. I felt so pressured. Even though no one said a peep to me, no one even glanced at me. I put it on myself and I know that I can't take it off myself. Not this early on. So there I was, people on either side of my treadmill walking or running and I'm trying to stay focused on my own pace and it just didn't work. I did 36 minutes but at such a high pace that my legs started screaming. (And I suppose this is where the trainer would say I should feel the burn -- but I remember shin splints well enough thanks and I don't want them again.)

And this morning, my right side is hurting a bit. I know that is because I was carrying myself "defensively." I just do not do well around so many other people. I pushed it way too hard, got my heart rate up to 136, increased the speed to 3.0, and felt I was going to fly off the machine.

But hey, I went. I didn't just drive by, I got out even though I saw how crowded it was, I went in, I got on the machine. I tried. I know for some people, competition is helpful, it helps them to reach deep down inside and bring out that inner fire. But for me, I'm having a hard enough time battling with myself. I don't need any extras.

On a completely different note, if you're getting updates by FeedBlitz, thank you for caring enough to read -- it does give you all the text that I write here. However, I just wanted to let you all know, that FeedBlitz doesn't include the extras I toss in, like the videos of the cute lemurs singing "Move It Move It" or the Rocky theme. So if you're ever reading along and I refer to something extra, click on the link and come check it out on the web blog. ;-)

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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