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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Move It, Move It

Pounds lost: 7 lbs
Pounds to go: 44 lbs

Well, I never thought I would say this...

I joined a workout gym!

Yes. People who know me are falling over in shock right now. This is a HUGE step for me. I cannot STAND to think that anyone is looking at me while I'm exercising. In my mind they're all looking at the fat jiggling around.

However, I am giving this fear up because if I do not, I'm afraid my April goal with not be accomplished. As you can see, my three days of protein shakes have not yielded any extra weight loss over three days of straight low carb, low fat eating. I am pretty sure that the 1 lb lost would have been lost either way. This minor unscientific experiment tells me that I have probably hit the 30-40 lb loss plateau. I need to start expending more energy than I am consuming. And since I cannot possibly eat less than I am, that means I have to start movin' and shakin' it!

Can someone cue up the funky music from the end of the movie Madagascar please? Ah yes, (see below on the site) here we go, "I like to move it, move it...."

So.....I joined Anytime Fitness and while their web site is cheesy and amateur at best, the location near me is very clean, very NON-bally, NON-curve, very basic in terms of equipment, and friendly for a bunch of Jersey folks. I was stunned. And the real kicker of it all is the access is 24/7 and the price is less than any other fitness place around that I checked out. $35.00/month. How can that be beat? That's slightly more than $1/day. TVs in all the cardio machines. Less than 5 miles from my house.

I really had no excuse. And believe me, I came up with many attempts. I felt my inner ego kicking and screaming as I forced myself to walk thru those doors.

I think in my nervousness standing there, during the tour and looking at the machines and watching people work out that I probably burned 100 cals just with my heart racing. I must admit, I am not going there to make friends; I am going there to achieve a goal. I'm sorry if that sounds anti-social. However, if anyone wants to be nice to me, I wouldn't mind it. I could use a few Jersey acquaintances.

And to those of you who support me the best you can from across the miles, thank you so much. Much love. Don't give up on me; I'm firing up the second burner and I'm going to blast this fat off me!

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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