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Friday, August 1, 2008

Tramps Like Us

Honestly, I haven't been on the scale. I haven't been to the gym. And I haven't been concerned with what I'm shoveling into my pie hole. Yup. Period is gone though. And concert week is gone. So I can get back on track.

I haven't been to that many concerts in one week before. I have no voice, and I am floating on a total music high. I will probably never get the chance to see Bruce more than once in a given week again so it was a real treat. It has certainly made living in Jersey a nice thing for the moment. Bruce rocks my world. End of story. He's the strongest male figure in my life. Some of you may find that incredibly sad, but I find it fascinating. I'm not idolizing too much - not in that ga-ga oh my god he's a rock star way. I just haven't had many positive male figures in my life. Most of you have had a father or step-father. Not me. So, really, since my teenage years, Bruce has shaped my musical world, my love of language, my never-ending interest in telling a story, and my inspiration that yes maybe some day, I can "Find one face that ain't lookin' thru me..."

I cried a little bit, during this song.

"`cause down the shore everything's all right
You and your baby on a saturday night

Nothing matters in this whole wide world
When you're in love with a jersey girl"

If you want to hear the whole song, it is here:

Mostly because I was so glad he was singing it and a little bit because damn it, I want that. I want a man to feel that way about me. I'm not a Jersey-born girl, but clearly the sentiment exists for everyone. I looked around at the men at the concerts this week, and I found myself wondering how can they be so into these songs and not want to find a woman who feels the same way? I would love to start up a Springsteen fan-based dating site. Wouldn't that be a riot? Of course, Bruce would never allow it to be associated with him I'm sure. But just imagine....you want to find someone who has the same taste in music that you do? You want to find someone who embraces the same sort of dreams you have? Well, instead of matching people based on eye color, salary range, and whether or not they want to have children, why not base it on dreams, music, and sports?

OK I'm rambling. I get like this a bit sometimes. Anyway....

I love me some Bruce. He makes my world a better place.


Oh, and...I have a Chemistry.com date tomorrow. Peter. Amicably divorced with a 4 year old boy. Project manager for a pharma company. He looks cute in stubble. Has a wicked sense of humor. Likes the Red Sox! Go figure - we'll see what happens.

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Carolina Girl said...

Wow, that song gave me goose bumps. Think I could get him to sing that to me and change it to Carolina Girl???? Just kidding ;)

Can't wait to hear how your date goes! You are way ahead of me in this game. These guys wink at me, and then it takes them forever to respond back after I email them. So annoying!

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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