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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Howling Laughter from Tropic Thunder

Damn I needed that.

*I don't think there are spoilers below. I talk about the movie on a very generic level.*

It may well be the level of my desperation to laugh, but I think I had my finger on the pulse of this country's level of generic entertainment yesterday. And I laughed my ass off. It would be nice if a couple of pounds fell off as well, wouldn't it?

If you think even seeing Tom Cruise in a fat suit for one moment MIGHT be funny, go see Tropic Thunder. And stay until the end.

He is not the only reason I laughed but because I am so perplexed by him, he is one of the best reasons I laughed. I also laughed at the pure ridiculousness of the movie, which is exactly what Stiller was aiming for, I believe. To me, this goes right up there with the absolute stupidity and hilarity of Zoolander and Something About Mary. Only they're making fun of their own industry this time, and it is just a riot.

As for the controversy over the R word...um, wow. Where were these people when I Am Sam or Rain Man was released? And those were serious movies!? And what about that awful movie, The Ringer? Did anyone even see that "offensive" piece of crap? Actually the controversy stirred up fits right into the over-the-top character development that the actors are spoofing on to begin with in this film. If someone is going to take offense with that word used in this outlandish movie, then they better be offended at just about everything in this messed up society. I never once laughed at someone being "retarded;" I laughed at the extreme lengths Hollywood actors will go for a role.


Carolina Girl said...

As long as you were laughing that's all that mattered! You need some laughter after all this mess with your back! How is it by the way?

I need to see this movie!

And yes...stupid me with boys...always missing good opportunities! UGH!

Carolina Girl said...

ok girl....not to cyber stalk you or anything but where are you?!? Don't make me send out the internet police to look for you! Hope you are doing ok! :)

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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