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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Oh My Aching Back!

It has been an incredibly lousy week. I have been trying to understand just where it went wrong.

I know that on Monday I fell off my office chair. It was hilarious at the time; the chair actually ended up on top of me. But I am wondering if it is the reason I have been in pain. I have been having what I can only describe as muscle spasms in my back.

To be honest, though, I have to admit that I spent last Friday, Saturday and Sunday coughing my lungs out. And I know that my body was sore from coughing. So maybe it is a combination of the two situations? I don't know.

I hate doctors. I don't trust western medicine.

I had a massage on Tuesday. Felt great. Wednesday morning: I could barely get myself out of bed. There was intense "grabbing" pain in my right lower back. Not all the time, but at the strangest moments like lifting my left leg or my arm or turning my head.

I went to WebMD and ruled out kidney infection or stones based on the fact that I don't have other symptoms. I'm not feeling unwell in any other capacity.

But I have to say I'm getting rather tired of alternating ice and heat and laying flat on my back in bed for 14+ hours. Also, the amount of Ibuprofen I am ingesting isn't good for my stomach or my weight.

On Friday I told myself that if I wasn't better by Monday, I would take myself to the hospital. I figured, xrays or an MRI and maybe they could learn something or at the very least give me some muscle relaxers.

Of course now that it is Sunday morning and I'm not feeling even 50% better, I am starting to talk myself out of the hospital. What good are they really going to do me, besides taking several hundred dollars from me?

If this is a pulled or torn muscle, it probably needs much longer to heal.

If it is something more serious, wouldn't other symptoms start showing up?

This is my logic.

So we'll see.

Oh and for those people interested in my dating life? Well Peter never contacted me beyond Monday. He never responded to my Tuesday night "Hey great Sox game" text message to his phone.


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Carolina Girl said...

Oh no...that sounds miserable! I know, I hate going to the doctor only to have them tell you what you already know. But if you start to feel worse, you probably should just go just in case. I hope you feel better soon! And as for the date - well, just consider it practice for the next one! :)

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