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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Struggling T-Rex

weight: 12,000 lbs

Yes, I've morphed into a small pre-historic T-Rex. I eat everything and anything that comes across my path, including small people apparently, so beware.

I am about as cool as this out of synch lip-synching 60s video!

But as soon as the lovely ass-kicking, bitch-mode period goes away, I will return to my gym-loving, carb-free, newly formed self.

So, how's the dating you wonder. LOL WHAT dating? Nothing has developed. I have active interest in 29 -- yes I cast the net wide -- 29 profiles and none of them are interested enough to even send a reply back or say "not interested." Can you imagine? You would think I was a leper or something. I know that if I changed the body type from "a few extra pounds" to "average" I would get some responses. I just know it. But I don't. Why? Because I wouldn't want some first date with a guy looking completely caught off guard. And I live an honest life.

So, perhaps this is just like sending out a resume. Don't take it personally when no one responds back, etc, etc. Except, fuck, we're not talking about a job. We're talking about making a connection with someone!


Anyone see The Dark Knight yet? Shhhh don't tell me. I'm going to go see it as soon as possible.

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Carolina Girl said...

I read you loud and clear on the online dating thing. I'm not having any luck either. Ugh. Oh well. Let's not give up. Although I'm reaaaaaaaaally tempted to.

I haven't seen the Dark Knight, but I want to. My friend Melissa saw it and she said she cried only because she knew that was the last time she'd see Heath in a movie. So sad. :(

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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