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Saturday, July 26, 2008

He's Just Not That Into You

Solution: I am going to have to be that into me.

Bitch mode is almost over. Another day. I can handle it. Not sure anyone who knows me can!

I am turning a new leaf regarding the online dating. I'm not going to actively search anymore! Let the mountain come to me! Let him find me. I will "bring" him to me with positive vibes as I stop stressing over it and refocus on myself and my weight loss. Yes. This is the true path for me. He will come into my life when it is meant to be. So I'll just take that $160 chemistry membership and consider it an investment in "bringing the right man to me" rather than searching for him. Ta-da!

How did I reach this conclusion? Well, I've dismissed over 250 profiles as "physical distance too far" in an attempt to get the bloody system to "learn" and adapt my preferences as it says it does. I've also currently got 38 "I'm interested" matches to guys, some as long ago as 3 weeks. One guy got to the point of emailing and exchanging phone numbers and never called. WTF. And one guy (a Red Sox fan even) has expressed interest back, but has yet to go through the site's proper steps to proceed. Hello?

My dear friend, the princess of Sweden, says that in the summer guys probably aren't sitting around their computers and after all I want an active man anyway right? Ummmm. OK. Yes, in theory I agree. But....if one day they respond to the site's notice that they're interested then the next two days they don't follow up with the next step that the site prompts them to do, that just says to me "they're not really interested!" Of course, the princess has a skewed perspective, she's in an incredible relationship.

I need this movie to come out now! I need to laugh! When I read the book, I thought, "Holy shit, they're talking about ME!" I know, many women had that reaction. Hmmm.

So, baseball for the rest of the weekend, then BAM! Time to get back on track! Hope that you make the best of what you have going on too!


Kate said...

LOL! ok, I HAVE to see that movie, too!

If you want some thing to see now... something that will inspire you while you're feeling like this, I recommend Under the Tuscan Sun.

Fabulous @ 50

Carolina Girl said...

WELL SAID!! It's so funny you wrote that (Then again I always say that cause you are IN MY HEAD sometimes I swear, LOL) I was thinking about how this weekend I wanted to just relax and be happy just with myself. In other words, stop thinking about not having someone in my life and focus on me and making myself better. Maybe we are/were focusing too much on finding a soulmate when we really need to take a breath and discover ourselves again.

Thanks for the weight loss tips - I really feel like I'm back on the wagon again. It helps to know others are going through the same thing!

As always, great post!

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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