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Sunday, July 13, 2008

*sigh* Next...

Well, Tom was a nice enough guy (if you don't count the number of other women he looked at or that he didn't hold doors open or walk beside me or ask me questions about my life).

But there was no spark. And we both realized it. After all, the name of the process is Chemistry.

So, next! Bring them on, I am ready. Except that I felt a little blue today and indulged in some carbs. PMS must be here. You think?

But I learned something - I am closer to NYC than I ever thought. Just 30 minutes by express bus. Imagine, living here two years and not knowing that. *sheepish* Well, what can I say, everything I do is north - friends, work, family. I didn't know I was that close.

Having said that, I highly doubt I'd ever go in alone. Just not my idea of fun, wandering the city alone. Even going to a museum. Alone? No.

Well, what else? My Sox have regained 1st place. The All-Star break is upon us. Let us play ball! Amen.

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Carolina Girl said...

Aww :( Even though you look sad, that's a cute picture! At least you put it out there. I'm working my way towards that. I have made contact with 2 guys that might be "potentials." Only problem is one lives an hour away and the other lives 2 hours away. Bugger. Oh well! :)

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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