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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Some Things You Can't Choose

morning weight: 255 lbs

Well I have been perplexed by the dating game since joining Chemistry. Another batch of bachelors dismissed for me last night on the basis of living too far away. Honestly, what's a girl to do?

As for my guilty pleasure, yes, I'm a romantic sap. Always have been, always will be. Deanna chose the long shot, Jesse, last night. Good for them! She decided not to go with the safety and security of Jason, and live a little. Which is not to say that Jesse won't treat her right, he's just more of an adventurous person and they can have their own children together when the time is right.

But what struck me most from this is the (perhaps obvious, perhaps not) realization that we can choose many things in our lives. We can narrow down who we're going to date based on looks, location, income, profession, kids/no kids, what color eyes they have, hair, etc etc etc. But what Deanna seemed to realize is that in the end her list of criteria went right out the window against what she felt in her heart. Jeremy was my choice, and did that boy fall hard for that girl but it wasn't meant to be. Her heart fell for Jesse.

So, one age-old adage is true: You can't choose who you fall in love with.

You can try, you can narrow it down, you can make educated decisions, but in the end you should listen to your heart.

Personally, I've followed my heart several times and gotten hurt. But if I can pair it with some logical thinking, maybe, just maybe. Because when I just follow my heart, I end up in a heap of trouble. I just hope I haven't used up all the love I deserved.


Rebecca Jo said...

I was SOOOO excited that Jesse won - He was my favorite from the very beginning! But I always feel so bad for the one left standing! Poor Jason - & I still felt bad for Jeremy! Talk about a boy that was in love! But my snow boarder, long haired, nugging-giving cutie pie WON!

Carolina Girl said...

Jesse was freaking adorable! I'm so proud of DeAnna for picking him! Had she gone for Graham - she would have gotten her heart broken for sure. Poor Jason and Jeremy though.

I hope those two become the next Trista and Ryan and make JeAnna babies! hee hee

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