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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Red Soxy Me!

morning weight: 254 lbs

Well, I am not losing weight despite exercising. I don't know what it is. Not going to sweat it. Ha.

Today I am going to Yankee Stadium *gag* to watch my boys. *grin* I will watch Jon Lester, a pitcher who has overcome CANCER to pitch again. He also recently pitched a no-hitter, which in baseball, is a very very cool and difficult achievement. I am in awe of people like him. Constantly they strive to beat the odds.

I am such a happy camper to be going to this game. A Red Sox fan in Yankee country is like walking barefoot into a field of rattlers and scorpions. But I do not care. I will endure all sorts of snide remarks and looks for my boys. Whatever it takes. They go the distance. I can do the same.

And finally, a beautiful hot-blooded female moment:

My favorite player, Jason Varitek. I will see him tomorrow and I will be 6 rows from the field. I will be with someone who has a camera lens that would get photos like this one below. I could never ask him to do that though. So, I will simply drool from my seat.

On a final note, I have made a Chemistry.com profile but I haven't joined. A lot of money for 6 months...I know....I'm worth it. The question is, are the men who are on there worthy of me?

NOTE: I tried Yahoo and Match before, the guys were duds. And the sites recycled the guys constantly. I didn't like feeling my time and money were wasted. Chemistry lets you archive a profile so it never comes up in search again. I don't know if Match does that or not, I know they are co-branded sites.

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Carolina Girl said...

I totally know what you mean. Down here that would be like me going to a Clemson football game. You feel like a total outsider in a sea of morons. HA!!! I do love yankee stadium, but I feel ya sister. That is the COOLEST thing ever that you go to go!

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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