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Monday, August 27, 2007

No Loss, No Gain

total lost: 29 lbs
total days: uncertain

Not much to say. No loss in a long time. Feeling very blue due to a pain in my lower back and another in my right shoulder. The right shoulder pain is a trigger point knot in the muscle behind the blade. It'll get worked out in 3 massage sessions. The lower back pain...well, time will tell. If it is connected to the trigger point pain, then it'll go away too. If not, I have to consider that it may be something serious. I'm thinking positive.

In the meantime, this has me pretty much unable to do most active things. Even sweeping is difficult and walking Chad is nearly impossible, though I do it on my left side but not a long walk because all I need is for my left side to start hurting too.

I've lost some faith in losing quickly enough for the end of October. With a stall that lasts a week, how will I possibly lose another 30 lbs. Oh well. Sometimes this shit just happens.

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Bambinokim2 said...

hey luv,
well i understand when you are having those blueish moments, and things are just piling on top of each other, and now you gotta figure out which one is lesser of two evils. i am sorry for the pain that you are experiencing, but i know your strong and you will overcome obstacles like this one. the saying THIS TOO SHALL PASS, helps others, hopefully you find some sort of comfort in it. i am here, even if it isnt as consistant as before, i am just a phone call away. i promise my voice is very pleasant. hehehehe, i miss you mama

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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