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Sunday, August 5, 2007

More Digestive Talk

total lost: 26 lbs
total days: 49

Sorry for the continued topic but it is of great importance. Without proper digestion, we might as well just give up the fight. Yes, I am down 2 lbs in 2 days and that is fantastic in light of the time of the month. However, digestively speaking, I just don't feel 100% well.

Here is the product suggested by the massage nutritionist: Ω-Zyme™ ULTRA

I'm not jumping all over it because I don't know how much it costs. The store it indicates is near me has a huge markup on their products and their products don't exactly fly off the shelf and always seem a little dusty to me. I also don't like that it has cellulose and maladextrin in it. There are SO many enzyme products out there, that I think it pays to hunt around. Am I concerned about how many carbs or sugars it'll add? Yes but not to a large extent. I mean if it is helping with digestion, that is all that would matter to me. If it increases the carbs a little, it might slow down the loss process but not that much. I still think the loss I've accomplished is fantastic FOR ME. Others are losing faster, but I don't care about others. I just care about my own health first and foremost. This isn't a competition between anyone besides me and the FAT monster that has been weighing on my bones all these years.

The product I think I will try first is this one: Biozyme 102 Enzyme Powder. I admit, the powder form of it doesn't thrill me, but I like the idea of it getting into the system right away, and I like the idea that it doesn't contain any extra garbage, and I can order it online. Yes we have to be educated consumers about what we're purchasing, but in the end one person's opinion is just one person's opinion.

And my opinion at this point is that enemas are a good emergency remedy, but for long-term digestion assistance, I've got to find a supplement! Oh come on, laugh with me! LAUGH!

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