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Monday, June 23, 2008

Face Time

Well, I'm not going to weigh until Friday this week. I usually weigh every day, I find it helps me. But with the monthly cycle from hell (If someone sees my intestinal tract laying around, could they kindly give it back to me? Thanks.) combined with the vast amount of carbs I ate this weekend (from an incredible four-course fondue meal to a bag of popcorn at a 2nd showing of SATC), and the extreme craving I have for salt (with 99% humidity outside), I'm pretty certain there's simply no need for me to get on the scale to know I'm going to be up a few pounds.

I can honestly say I had a blast this weekend. It was good to have someone to talk face to face with. And laughter is good for the soul. The Princess of Sweden was so gracious to take photos of me whenever I requested, in my efforts to come up with some suitable for a renewed effort of online dating. She also willingly fed my need for celeb gossip (Matthew I Can't Keep My Shirt On and Now I've offered a Reward for My Flip Flop McHoweverYouSpellItcoughney) and helped me curb my Crackberry addiction (If you don't have a Blackberry people, don't get one!).

However, seriously, or as Mr Gore would say, "Serial..." I'm not ready to face country line dancing with a blonde bombshell next to me. (That's a compliment, H.) Maybe after the next 50 lbs. And the photos reveal that I am probably not ready to date again yet either. The photos don't show what I feel I look like. Why is that?

And on a final note for the morning, I can't help but wonder (oh my god, Carrie!) why are all the really interesting men (in my opinion) at least a plane ride away? I've been chatting with a writer from the UK who is on a mini tour of Europe before embarking on a larger tour of the US. Is it because they're so removed from my day to day life that I find they're safe to be myself with? I can talk to them and never worry that they're not going to give me what I need, because they're not right here.

OK, time to go back to the salt mines....maybe I can just lick my way through work today!

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Carolina Girl said...

Gosh, I can totally relate to this. I have days where I feel really great about myself and the progress I've made. And then one picture of myself can ruin it for me. Which is so silly, I know. I will say however, that I think you look GREAT! I think you need to go for it - my friend Jenn and I are about to give this online dating thing a whirl. I did it one other time, but only went out with one guy because I was so worried all the time what they would think of me in person.

Also (sorry for the novel!) but I have a terrific friend J that I love to go out with, but she too is a blonde bombshell. It's so hard to feel good about myself when all(And I mean all) the men hit on her immediately. *Sigh* I'm like helllloo?!?!? I'm here too?!?!?! LOL

Sorry to whine! Just wanted to say I totally get where you are coming from!

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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