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Sunday, October 4, 2009

End of the Break

"Show a little faith,
there's magic in the night,

You ain't a beauty

but hey you're alright,

and that's alright with me."

Thunder Road, Springsteen

In the last few hours of daylight before I must report back to prison work, I'm sitting outside watching the lake. Fairly windy today and there's a chill once the sun no longer shines upon where you sit. Two ducks are really going at it, like a watery duel to the death. I sure hope the underdog gets away.

Time really flies by. Two weeks gone in the blink of an eye. I neglected to clean out the clothes closet. I didn't write nearly as much as I'd wanted to write. And I didn't make it to the shore, Jersey or Massachusetts. The closet, the novel, and the shore aren't going anywhere, so I can deal with them and visit them in time. The shore is better in another month or so anyway.

Somehow I did manage to relax. I can certainly say that I've slept enough to feel my body and mind are well-rested, and I've enjoyed my natural pattern of staying up late late nights (Craig Ferguson I love you!) and sleeping in mornings (hell is that habit ever going to be a bitch to get out of). Absolut Boston helped add 7 lbs to my kangaroo pouch, but the gym still exists at $40/month to remind me that I can get back there 24/7. I saw the Red Sox in Baltimore and The Boss in Jersey; definite highlights of my year. He played Waiting on a Sunny Day and I danced for my Mom like he played it just for her. She's going to have the scope tomorrow and hopefully they'll learn something.

About minute 3:00: Crowd-surfing, 60-year old Bruce Springsteen!

I've spent a lot of time with my adorable dogs, whom I don't gush about on here nearly enough, but love dearly. They've been great company. Chad got frisbee'd every day and Lo is probably not going to handle my extended absence from the house too well (still haven't had a single call about my pet sitting ad even though all my number slips have been removed from 2 flyers).

I had to shave Lo's coat in a continued effort to control this itchy disorder she has. We (as if she had a say in it) went with a lion's mane cut this time rather than a horse cut. Left her tail full and just sheared her entire body from the shoulders back. The itchy problem seems internal to me as there is no evidence on her skin of anything, and I wonder if she doesn't have a bit of an immune issue of sorts. The change of the weather seems to have made her worse, when a few weeks ago she was doing better. The most natural anti-itch shampoo doesn't help. Oatmeal doesn't help. The special oils I bought don't help. Cleaning the house like crazy doesn't help. I wish I could get a vet who would investigate until we found an answer. Just can't afford more doctors.

I tried to take a photo of my black little lioness with the web cam. Sadly, nothing but black blobs. I was so hoping it would be suitable for Halloween. If I could only get her to roar maybe she could make some money.


So in an effort to get back into the swing-a-ling of things, I cooked for the week.

Brekkies will be:
1 vitatop muffin top
w/ 1/2 TBLS PB

Lunches will be:
grilled chicken
with either TBLS of garlic yogurt sauce or a thai peanut sauce
EVOO sauteed onions and peppers
over 1/4 cup brown rice, barley, and rye

Dinners will be:
omaha steak / burger
with peppers and onions
and 1-2 TBLS reduced fat cheese

In the cooler weather, I find it hard to eat something cold like salads. So, no more spinach for now. Some will say there's no variety, but that's the way I like it. And some will say there's no fruit, but I really don't like fruit. I do have some cranberry juice I will try to drink mixed into my unsweetened un-vodka iced tea.

To guinea pig the "I'm not consuming enough calories per day" theory, we'll see if eating this much will spark any loss.


My researchers (aka Sweden) inform me that there was a randy full moon on Friday night, which likely contributed to the randy dandy mood of my date. Very interesting. FutureSex and I are talking about a weekend rendezvous coming up this Saturday, but we'll have to see. He has definitely maintained interest so far, emailing and texting often. Glad to see a 42-year old who embraces technology, even if it is only to flirt seductively. What better use of technology is there? As long as he doesn't start sexting me his goody parts, we're going to be on the same page. I'm all for seeing it in person; just don't send it to my phone.


I Ated It
Sunday, October 4

1 egg, EVOO sesame french toast

2 hot dogs, no buns
1 frozen mini snickers

caramelized onion mini buckwheat pizza
1 shot of vodka in unsweetened iced tea

NOTE: I cooked for the entire week. This was just a bunch of bits and odds of what I won't be eating so it had to go somewhere.


Maruska Morena said...

YAY.. I'm glad to hear things are looking promising on the man front.. :)

As for the poochy-itchies.. Have you tried 25mg of Benadryl? or changing the food? Its possibly an allergy of some kind. Mine had a horrid time with that when she was a pup, turned out it was the fancy-pants showdog doggie soap I was using. (mine may also have a food as well, but so she's doing fine on her new food)

Petra said...

My first reaction was food too. 2 of my 3 dogs do much better with a no corn diet and we have now switched to a dry food that contains no grains at all. Their coats are beautiful and their itchies stay away (until someone hands them a cheap dog biscuit...).
In case you are interested, here is info on my food I feed -I know this can be a contentious topic with dog owners, but I consider it one of the best foods out there... :)

Graciela said...

Okay, it's been a couple of days since you posted. What's going on???

Either you are just really busy being back at work...or...you are locked in a room with Mr FS.

I used to have a Scottie dog who was terribly allergic to wheat. She would break out with itchy red sores if she got into anything with wheat in it. We had to feed her a special wheat-free diet...she did well on a lamb/rice dog food. They were hard to find back then, but now you can get many dog food without wheat. I'd definitely try this.

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