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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Doctor McHurry Up Already

Thanks peeps, for the support.

Update: Mom's taking a book out of the MLB player's unwritten rules and using roids, of all things! I knew she loved Big Papi, but I didn't know how much.

All joking aside, they're giving her steroids to control her breathing level. Until they get that under control, they can't do the scopes they want to do to see what's going on with her lungs and possibly her intestines.

But the good news is that her heart is fine after they scared us.

All in all, she's in the right place to be taken care of. Thank you Medicare. She is just so bloated and so weak that it is hard to handle, from the sidelines.

Medical stuff just takes way too much freaking time when I expect things to be resolved Grey's Anatomy style. You know, with Meredith and Christine fighting over who gets to do the procedure, and everything getting resolved in one episode.

My Mom's health issues have been going on longer than all the episodes of St Elsewhere, ER, and Grey's Anatomy put together.

On a happier note, Bruce is in 2 days. Rain or shine. I will be there, singing my lungs out with a cast of thousands. And especially if he plays either of my Mom's favorites, the toe-tapping Waiting on a Sunny Day or the crowd-partying Mary's Place, I will be dancing like a freak.

Just for you Mom.

Live like you're dying, my friends. Live it up.


I Ated It (like a piggy)
banana nut muffin
20 raspberries
20 walnut halves

filet mignon
twice baked potato
2 glasses of merlot
chocolate mouse pie

Note: Hey, it was a birthday dinner celebration. Don't judge. No exercise as sadly, putting one's foot to the gas pedal of one's vehicle does not count as cardio.


Maruska Morena said...

Filet mignon ! Yeah baby!!! Sounds like a great dinner. I want some too. :)

Ice Queen said...

You're going to see the Boss? Very jealous. Have an amazing time!

Glad your mom's better.

LiLu said...

Oh my lord... I so wish I'd been at that birthday dinner.

Best of luck to your mama! Hope the 'roids work...

♥georgie♥ said...

Dealing with ailing parents can be exhausting...i feel ya girlie...

You are going to see Bruce! so totally cool i am happy for ya
and good grief a filet sounds good now

you're like butter to me

Just a Lovable Party Girl

Just a Lovable Party Girl
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