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Monday, April 28, 2008

Hypnosis & Me

morning weight: 259 lbs (woohoo!)

If y'all look back or care to remember, I've hit the 50s twice before in the last year. And my lowest was 258. Well maybe 3rd time is a charm, we'll see. We keep making mistakes until we get it right. I'm not putting pressure on myself. Just taking it one day at a time.

I didn't cheat all weekend. I proofed and edited all weekend. And I ended up with a migraine this morning as a result; my eyes just can't take it. But I didn't cheat. Baby steps.

I heard back from the medical group that offers hypnosis locally. They raised their rates since last time I inquired. $400 for the first visit. *choke* $300 for each additional visit and they suggest a minimum of 3-5 visits for hypnosis to work successfully. For those of us slow in math, 5 visits would be $1600. I said I had a few hundred and they said they don't recommend just one visit. I was rather overcome with emotion at learning this, and I asked in desperation for any help they could suggest, and the woman (mind you, she's just a receptionist so she really has no authority to dish out advice but I took it anyway) suggested I try Hypnosisdownloads. She said they use their programs in conjunction with some of their own. Now why would they do that I wonder? Wouldn't their programs be enough?

So puzzled and curious, I went and read. It all sounded good, but I have explored this path before and I wasn't able to stick with it. What would make these different? I don't know. Maybe my level of dedication (aka desperation). I've learned to be so skeptical that it is hard to try again. So then I went to my favorite review site to see if by some chance they had anything to say about hypnosis. Surprisingly, Ultimatefatburner not only had something to say but specifically about Hypnosisdownloads. Usually these guys are infamous for pointing out the scams and have saved me from spending money on supplements that are a crock of crap. So I thought, Uh-oh. Scam city. But lo' and behold, these guys did not have a terrible review, they had a decent one put together by an actual trial of the product. Love that kind of in-depth information even if it is just one person's opinion.

So, after feeling somewhat informed, I decided if the prices were reasonable, I'd make a purchase. Well, you can't go wrong for $12. You can't even get a book for $12 these days, can you? So, I purchased myself some hypnosis. It has been about 36 hours and I've listened twice. I don't expect immediate results, but I have to confess it doesn't hurt that the speaker is British; I am a sure sucker for a yummy accent.

I also got one to help me with my fear of bridges, because that nasty phobia I have seems to be getting worse and worse with the construction they're doing on the TZ which I have to deal with twice a work day. Perhaps here is where I will notice the most immediate results.

So for what it is worth, I am not telling people they should all try hypnosis. You have to want to do it, duh. But if you do, check out the site. They offer such an astonishing list of issues, I found myself wondering "If we all have the ability to be happy and healthy right within our grasp, then why aren't we?" Good question, eh?

Living for today.
Not yesterday and not tomorrow.

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