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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hope Springs Eternal

"I know there's a price for this,
but some things in life you must resist."

Couldn't have said it better myself. Back to that old waffling point, like the 50s are always teasing me. I really pushed myself last night at the gym. Thank god for Craig Ferguson's whacked out sense of humor. He had me laughing on the treadmill. Cheeky Monkey! I did 3 miles at 2.8 and an incline of 2.5. I burned less calories but I feel I worked my muscles more. I noticed my heart heart slowed the higher the incline. When I went back down to 2.0, the heart rate increased. I didn't think that was supposed to happen. Who knows. Tonight I will go and do just 20 minutes and then some weights.

In the meantime, I must not eat away my progress. I'm really getting tired of eggs. Never thought that would happen. But I can say with the warmer weather, the urge to crawl inside a loaf of bread is diminishing. Replaced by the urge for ice cream of course, but I will try to handle that like I did last summer with the low-carb yogurt and FF coolwhip.

No more specific goal amounts. No X amount of pounds by Christmas. Not for me. I will just strive to weigh less every time I get on the scale. No pressure. It will come off when it is supposed to come off.

Left a message with the hypnosis place. Waiting to hear back.

"I hear that you slipped again
I'm here because you need a friend
And you know that accidents can happen
and it's ok
we all fall off the wagon sometimes
it's not your whole life
it's only one day
You haven't thrown everything away.
Take some time,
learn to breathe
and remember
what it means to feel alive
and to believe
you're something more
than what you see.
I know there's a price for this,
but some things in life
you must resist."

-Accidents Can Happen, Sixx A.M.

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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