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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Good Lookin' Cookin'

Pounds lost: 2 lbs
Pounds to go: 49 lbs

First of all, Blogger lost my entire saved post this morning, so this will be short. Ugh!

No loss this morning and no surprise. PMSing and only starting the plan full blown today. Had my last Coldstone ice cream shake yesterday and it tasted good but didn't last very long. My weight loss and feeling good will last longer!

I am aiming for a 3 lb loss this week so by next Monday that's what I hope to see.

I cooked yesterday for the next 5 days. Odd that today is Wednesday. My food for the week will basically consist of:

extra lean ground turkey breast (not just ground turkey, that has more fat) with taco seasoning
italian sweet peppers and sweet onions steamed together
egg whites
turkey bacon
carb and sugar control yogurt smoothies
chocolate whey protein powder with fat free milk (12 carbs per 8 ounces)

There is no fruit on this menu and thank god for that because I really can't stand it. If I am ever hungry, I am supposed to eat more protein, but I never felt hungry when I started this in June. It is just important to go thru the "carb withdrawal" the first few days.

I know it doesn't seem like much food but it is and I have cooked it all ahead of time because I need to remove my thinking about food. That is key for me. Again, this becomes about what works for the person, not some prescribed program designed for someone else. When thinking about food is removed for me, I am then free to focus on other things, like meditating and exercise. Good thing I have Chad for that part. We'll be taking a long walk when I get home from my frustrating desk job.

Well here we go off on a Wednesday that feels like a PMS Monday. Look out world, I'm going to be one hell of a badass today.

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Amy said...

Hey, it' Amy (mum2em) from Kimkins! I joined your Operation Vacation Challenge. Hopefully others will join too!

tty later!

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