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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Have I Found My People?

"Take these broken wings
You've got to learn to fly, learn to live and love so free"

I think I may have found my people, and I think freedom is mine for the having.

One night of spanking and look out...I feel set free.

Who knew?
Not me.

Last night...

A bit of an epiphany happened for me.

(Let's pause while we hear harps and angels sing.)

I was at a party of about 100 people (among them were 3 of the people I met last week).

There was such a fascinating cross-section of people. People who were gathered together from many different walks of life and many different generations. And they'd come together for a charity purpose, to donate funds for a beloved friend who is battling cancer.

And they'd chosen to go about raising funds with a spank-a-thon.

I think the highest bidder went for $350.

My own novice spank-worthiness came in at $100. Not bad considering I'd never given my ass more than a passing thought. Let's face it, my ass is just large. I don't have delicious ghetto booty. JLo and I will not be confused anytime soon.

But back to my epiphany. No one cared or passed judgment on anyone else for their size, their color, their interest, their clothing. At least not that I could detect. It was like being in a strange surreality.

Oh sure there were raving compliments about where did you get that and how did you get your hair like that and where did you get those boots and what type of makeup are you wearing, etc. etc. but there didn't seem to be any petty jealousy or snide remarks or anyone being left out in the cold so to speak. Maybe it was just my imagination, but I like to think I'm fairly tuned to the drama that only human females seem capable of creating.

I think this general acceptance must come because these people are already on the outer fringe of unusualness. I mean, hello....they like to spank for fun....so perhaps because they've had to deal with their own form of being thought odd and judged, they understand what it feels like and they don't do it to others.

As for The Actor who invited me, he was so much more than nice to me. He kept me under his wing so to speak, introducing me around even though he was one of the organizers and had a lot of, well, organizing to do.

But when it came time to participate, he didn't let me out of his sight. In fact, he told me he was looking forward to bidding on my ass all night. Not every day a guy tells you that!

And let me tell you something else, that man knows what the hell he is doing. I have the sore buttocks to prove it.

This was not your "You wait until your father gets home, you'll be so sore, you won't sit for a week" 1950s style spanking. This was much more of a prolonged, dare I say, sensual spanking.

It went like whack whack rub / whack whack rub / whack whack rub.


Where was I?

Right. Yes, it was quite enjoyable.

Actually, I felt a lot of tension leave my body. There is a kinetic transfer of energy from one power source into another power source and returned. It was like sharing a moment between bodies despite being fully clothed. The Actor confirmed this sensation, and in fact, he seemed highly charged from it.

So the spankings were fun, and watching everyone else laugh together and joke around were enlightening moments for me. Here was a group of people who - for the timeframe - seemed to be completely enjoying their moments.

For me though, the best moments without a doubt were the long hugs and shoulder massages afterward. I think I need a cuddle fest next.

The Actor confessed to crushing on a married woman (who was not there), and I confessed to only coming to the party to see him (I know...I gave it all away). We had several long looks in which I thought he wanted to kiss me, and instead he went in for either a long hug or a kiss on the cheek. Funny, you can spank someone's ass with your bare hand, but you can't kiss them on the lips. You know, that might send a wrong signal.

Oh well, at the end of the night, he mentioned he would be giving a lecture on humor in May, and he hoped I could attend. I asked him to send me the information by email, and I would do my best to come back into the city.

What I didn't mention, was that I would try to see him before then as well.

"All we have to do now
Is take these ties and make them true somehow

All we have to see

Is that I don't belong to you

And you don't belong to me


You've gotta give for what you take


You've gotta give for what you take"


Carolina Girl said...

All I can say is OUCH! hahahahaha :)

MissMelisaMae said...

It's stuff like this that makes me adore you even more, my Sagittarian sister! Oh how I wish I had been able to attend this Spankathon with you! And the fact that it was for a good cause makes it that much more amazing.

Once we step out of our comfort zones, amazing things can happen. Sounds like you've found another group of people that bring out good in you. That's awesome!

Spankathon...I'm still loving it!

you're like butter to me

Just a Lovable Party Girl

Just a Lovable Party Girl
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