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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Game Over

On March 14, I asked, "Can unexpected lustful chemistry grow into something more?"

Three weeks later, I have the answer: Apparently not.

Yes, The Photographer and I were communicating daily, often quite lengthy conversations. He told me over and over and over again how much he couldn't wait to see me.

But once he returned from California, got over jet lag, and began to edit his photo galleries, he refused to set a 2nd date.

I called him on his bluff. He said he has (yes, still) every intention of getting together, he's just "really swamped" -- the similar excuse used before he went away to California.

This despite our 9-, then 12-day challenge to one another to abstain from self-gratification. This despite the trust that I thought I had developed....clearly only in my mind.

Something is not right. His time is not his own. Somehow. Maybe he IS married. Or maybe he is just a clueless guy who thinks he can keep a woman hanging on. Or maybe, Ta-Effin-da (say it with me!) HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO ME.

Well, guess what? This chick is outta here.


(Oh and yes, I reset the pleasure button. Phew. I feel so much better now.)


Julie said...

If they can put a man on the moon, maybe they oughta put them all up there. :)

Hang in there, girl! He just wasn't the one.

Graciela said...

I was going to say "what do you expect, most men are pigs" but that would be a disservice to pigs. Pigs are gentle, sensitive and intelligent animals. (I don't remember where I heard that, but it fits)

Me said...

Timewasters! I hate them. I'm guessing he probably wasn't married, just not into dating. Sorry you had to go through this, hopefully the next one treats you better.

Carolina Girl said...

All I can say is he missed out on one amazing opportunity!! Men are so frustrating and talk a big game.

you're like butter to me

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