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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Biggest Loser & Britney's "Fat"

No change.

Are you inspired or dismayed by the Biggest Loser TV show? I think I am both, equally.

Check this winner out. I'm actually most impressed by the 3rd photo - woman in blue dress. Dramatic difference.


Yes, that's me whining. Actually I wouldn't want Jillian Michaels breathing down my neck for all the money in the world; I'd quit.

I have 10 lousy lbs until goal for haircut - 40lbs! So stalled.

I know I have decreased the water consumption. Cannot figure out why. Now I must be very conscious of it when instead I was just downing it like mad.

I should also recheck the fat cals of what I'm eating. I am getting bored with turkey. Might go back to chicken for a week.

Also, I'll be going to that October 27 wedding solo. Lenny's godson is getting married in PA, of course. So, I guess I'll just find some hot single wedding guest to dance with....umhmmmm.

And on a note I cannot even believe I am blogging about: Britney's "fat" performance at the VMAs. Seriously, read that. Come on people. What are we saying here? IF she's fat, then 60-70% of the female population should just give up right now. I figure that many are over size 10. Yes, wrong wardrobe choice, not a fan of hers to begin with...but I think it was overblown. Just like everything else we as a society tell young girls. Sigh.

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